The problem with layouts

... is a never ending story, e.g. also at DrupalCon Global in July at a talk by
Jay Callicot (drupalninja99)

Site builders have heard the story a hundred times: “Our website is too inflexible. We do not want to rely on a developer every time we need to create a new landing page.”

Fundamental questions


  • How can users who are not very tech-savvy more complex layouts?
  • How can we reach the best possible usability and design consistency at the same time?

USability, UX + design consistency

We don't want editors to use atomic parts or even markup. They should utilize predefined content components instead.

Credits: Brad Frost

Layout paragraphs: installation and setup

						composer require drupal/layout_paragraphs
						# wait for composer magic [...]
						drush en layout_paragraphs